Jj's Coffee and Wine Bar

7942 Mitchell Rd Eden Prairie, MN 55344


A family-owned-and-operated local business, JJ’s energetic rush of finely roasted coffee beans and the poised sophistication of its taste bud–massaging wines create optimum conditions for actually enjoying a reading of the Principia Mathematica. Even if you don't have time to fully unwind in front of the stone fireplace in JJ's charming, wood-drenched domain, swing through the drive-through on your flying fortress airship for a fresh-roasted coffee made from custom-created bean blends. Hot or iced espressos such as the white mocha ($2.95–$3.80) and the café JJ with vanilla, caramel, and milk ($3–$3.85) are a game-changing way to either start the day or jolt the senses out of a fluorescent light–induced flatline. No-frills traditionalists, on the other hand, can head straight for JJ’s dark-brewed coffee ($1.55–$1.90) and hot tea ($1.40–$1.80).

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