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When Jennifer Hill was a baby, her mother sang to her. When she was 2, she began singing full songs in tune. Throughout her childhood she sang at fairs, school musicals, and local sporting events, where she would belt out the traditional pregame rendition of "Welcome to the Jungle." She went on to receive a scholarship to the University of Hartford's Hartt School of Music, and currently she's the frontwoman of the jazzy rock outfit Jennifer Hill & Co. Music has stitched through the entire fabric of her life, and for more than a decade, she has worked to help students discover the joy of creating beautiful noise.

Jennifer tailors each private lesson to the individual student and welcomes all musical styles and genres in order to encourage young artists to pursue their unique voice. Whether a student's passion is to tumble a jazzy melody across the piano keys or pen an infectious pop song, Jennifer lends students the confidence and expertise she has accumulated in more than 25 years as a performer.