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5040 N Tarrant Pkwy Fort Worth, TX 76244


Jet's Pizza constructs Sicilian-style deep-dish, hand-tossed, and thin-crust doozies out of hearty meats, melted mozzarella, and fresh dough. The pizza dossier reveals absolutely no pepperoni-for-votes scandals but showcases plenty of specialty pies, from the All Meaty rolling in protein ($11.99+) to the signature Jet 10, a premium affair attended by a who's who of meats and veggies ($12.99+). Diners can also choose their own pizza adventures from the menu, even selecting a crust flavor for free from an enticing list that includes shredded parmesan, Cajun, and the special Jet's Turbo blend of garlic, butter, and romano cheese. An engineering marvel, the 8 Corner pizza keeps hunger-havers from gnawing on the earth's outer layer by fusing eight corner-pieces of deep-dish decadence into one all-encrusted, edible goliath ($11.99, toppings $1.75 each). Pizza protesters can turn to the Jet's Boat, which stuffs cheese, sauce, and a choice of topping into a doughy clipper ($6.99), or pick a prime suspect from a lineup of 8-inch heated subs ($5.99 each).

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