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500 Staples Dr Framingham, MA 01702
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Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm


The journey from confusion to organization doesn't have to be a long one. Often enough, it's the length of one tiny strip of metal—the staple that holds a school paper together, or attaches a cover letter to a résumé. Staples doesn't carry staples exclusively, of course, but for 26 years, they've aspired to create that same sense of effortless order. Their library of products covers everything from pencils and fire extinguishers to all-in-one machines and facility supplies, all of which aim to make jobs easier.

The technology aisles feature more advanced gear: cameras, phones, label makers, tablets, and laptops from popular brands. Onsite copy and print centers churn out professional documents, business cards, and several other types of paper and photo goods. And, though Staples' focus is work, the stores can also furnish break rooms with chairs and coffeemakers.


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