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    Up to 48% Off Italian Food at Luna Italia Restaurant
    $55.90 $29 0.8 miles
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    Half Off Indian Cuisine at India Palace Bar & Tandoor
    $30 $15 4.2 miles
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    Up to Half Off Pizza Meals at Good Eats Pizza
    $23.91 $12 5.4 miles
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    $11 for Pizza at Planet Pizza and Subs
    East Rockville
    $20 $11 5.5 miles
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    Up to 47% Off Chinese Food at Bob's Shanghai 66
    $30 $16 5.6 miles
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    40% Off American Cuisine at The Woodside Deli
    Multiple Locations
    $20 $12 5.7 miles
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    Lebanese Taverna Cafe – Up to 40% Off Lebanese Cuisine
    Multiple Locations
    $10 $6 5.8 miles
12111 Darnestown Rd Gaithersburg, MD 20878


Rockafellas eradicates hunger with exotic-yet-hearty sandwiches and classic pub-style eats in a lively, welcoming setting. After quieting belly rumblings with the restaurant's bevy of appetizers, diners can daintily slurp a soup du jour ($3.49 for a cup) or breadlessly feast upon entree-sized salads wearing chilled salmon ($9.99) or an array of zesty, confused taco accouterments ($7.99). The rollicking eatery specializes in signature burgers, with beef portions ranging from quaint quarter-pound ($6.39) to walloping whole-pound ($9.79) patties. Burgers arrive bedecked in festive disguises such as the Santa Fe, with its cloak of guacamole, bacon, and pepper-jack cheese concealing the fact that it's actually from Albuquerque, and the confoundingly chicken-less Cordon Bleu, with thinly sliced ham, mozzarella cheese, and dijon mustard. Turkey ($6.99), vegetarian ($7.99), and buffalo burgers ($8.99) are available for the beef-averse, as well as a suite of non-burger sandwiches and desserts.

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