Zam Zam Cafe and Grill

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28233 Ford Road Garden City, MI 48135


After serving as head chef of Tawaa Restaurant, Chef Sardar took up the reins of ZamZam Cafe & Grill LLC, lovingly fashioning meals of fine Indian and Pakistani cuisine for breakfast, lunch buffets, and dinner. Within the restaurant’s saffron-hued walls, a twinkling crystal chandelier casts a constellation of warm light over crimson tablecloths as the appetizing scent of freshly baked tandoori chicken, richly spiced lamb, and shrimp curries causes stomachs to grumble out Morse code demands for feasting. The bill of fare promises ample vegetarian options, such as the kitchen’s homemade paneer, as well as halal meals, ably adhering to any dietary rules or tastes with colorful veggie stews and savory dals alongside tender morsels of poultry, lamb, and seafood.

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