Red Rock Cafe and Espresso Co.

119 2nd St E Hastings, MN 55033


With views of the Mississippi River outside the humble, historic storefront, Red Rock Cafe mixes fresh ingredients into the three most important meals of the day—breakfast, lunch, and dessert. For breakfast, the taco omelet stuffs seasoned meat, pepper-jack cheese, and diced tomato in a soft, scrambled shell of three eggs ($8.49). The quintessential breakfast diplomats, two eggs, negotiate between fresh, gravy-smothered biscuits and neighboring italian sausage, onion, and mushrooms in the scrambled house special ($8.59 each). To kick off the lunch menu, the Rodeo burger bursts out of the pen as bacon, fried onion, and barbecue sauce ride a bucking third-pound patty ($7.59), and the Rachael substitutes turkey breast for the Reuben's corned beef and embraces a layer of sauerkraut and swiss cheese on rye bread ($8.49 each).

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