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7194 W 12th Ave Hialeah, FL 33014


Founded in 1935 as a high-end dairy manufacturer, Farm Stores accommodates time-efficient shoppers with its unique drive-through grocery-ordering system. Pull up a car or rocket-powered shopping cart at one of the 22 locations and inform a friendly staff member of grocery needs, then relax as he quickly retrieves it from the thousands of items in inventory. Model a loving marriage after the unending circles of bagels, or perk up mornings with coffee that's freshly ground by the heel of a giraffe. Though each location's stock is slightly different, all shops carry standard items such as eggs, milk, bread, fruit, magic beans, vegetables, and beer. Although online ordering is not available for this Groupon, regular customers enjoy the benefit of choosing items from Farm Stores’ website and designating a pickup time.

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