Baker Boys

733 Saint Johns Avenue Highland Park, IL 60035


Long-time friends Peter Rauser and pastry chef Jordan Rappaport list cupcakes, custard, and coffee as their specialties at Baker Boys, but their cheesecake reigns supreme. “I have the best cheesecake in the world. Hands down,” Rappaport told a reporter from [Chicago Magazine] in 2010. The reporter, though reluctant at first, wholeheartedly agreed at the end of a two week trial. “I’m addicted…Rappaport’s coffee cheesecake—perfect flavor combo, perfect texture—put me over the top.” The rest of their menu will not disappoint sweets seekers, either. The aforementioned cupcakes are hand-frosted, and a rotating selection of flavors may include blueberry pancake, caramel mocha, peppermint candy cane, or cookie dough—which features a half-baked chocolate cookie in its center. Meanwhile, a chilled display case holds custards that are equally as decadent: flavors include malted milk balls, hot cocoa n’ marshmallows, Irish coffee, and nutella. They also blend cake shakes, a sippable blend of custard and a mini cupcake.

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