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    Up to 57% Off Rentals from Citi Bike — Valid for One Year
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69 10th Street Hoboken, NJ 07030


The mind and the body receive equal attention at Hoboken Wellness Spa. The staff seeks to create a holistic community that will educate patrons on the health benefits of ayurveda, an alternative medicine philosophy that originated in ancient India. Aiming to emulate the word ayurveda itself—which means "knowledge for long life"—it focuses on each individual's body type to yield the best results. People with a pitta body type might need treatments such as a cooling cucumber and peppermint footbath followed by a medicated-oil massage. Staffers might recommend a warm ginger footbath for those with the kapha body type, along with an herbal tea eye treatment that enhances that ability to read Earl Grey leaves. The team also offers waxing and threading services to leave skin smooth.