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1153 12th Ave Honolulu, HI 96816


Studio Bijoux Hawaii’s team of jewelsmiths, helmed by passionate gem forger KiHwa Kwon Gosline, shepherds aspiring welders through jewelry classes that impart an intimacy with the tools and techniques required to craft retina-regaling body adornments. During an introductory ring-making course, students will learn how to calculate the amount of material needed to craft a ring and how to properly tame trade instruments, such as jeweler's saws, fingertip magnifying glasses, and undomesticated tungsten polishers. Sterling silver acts as the canvas for burgeoning ring artisans, providing an ideal surface for flaunting elaborate and intricate designs, as well as withstanding inaccurate saw slices and Father Time’s smudgy handprints. Studio Bijoux Hawaii safety-minded staff drapes their pupils in fire-resistant work aprons and bans open-toed shoes, guarding against potential injuries and mischievous antics from jealous phalanges during finger-crowning ceremonies.

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