Big D Tree Service

526 Kingwood Drive Houston, TX 77339


Big D’s innovative tree injections help diseased, pest-ridden, or malnourished trees fight off invasive species and return to full, leafy health. An eco-friendly alternative to conventional spraying, the injection method imbues trunks with a small amount of solutions formulated to treat a wide variety of arboreal ailments, including common pests such as caterpillars and beetles and tree diseases including sudden oak death and dutch elm disease. Within 24 hours of receiving their shots, mite-infested hardwoods are fully inoculated and can finally stop using their branches to scratch their trunks. All treatments protect their plants for a minimum of two years, allowing them to regain their strength and grow beyond the reach of their old nemeses. Unlike conventional spray treatments, tree injections do not expose any surrounding plants, air, or soil to the solutions—all the beneficial liquids go directly into the trunk.

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