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For Doctor of Chiropractic Devin Parrish, it is easy to remember the perspective of a patient. For years he suffered with a herniated disk, but refused surgery because of the risks involved. He developed a treatment expressly designed to help move the disk into a more comfortable position while eliminating the need for pills and scalpels. Many of the noninvasive techniques he used on himself help his patients. Decompression therapy gently elongates the spine, removing the pressure of slipped disks while drawing in water and oxygen.

As a former accountant, the chiropractic doctor also has a keen eye for detail that compels him to find out what’s going on before administering any treatments. He begins all appointments with a 20-minute consultation and exam, combs through health histories, and discusses the patient’s issue while manually feeling for abnormalities along the spine. After he memorizes each vertebrae’s nickname, he further investigates with advanced detection equipment such as MRIs and x-rays. With this information, he and the patient work eye-to-eye in developing a treatment plan designed for their conditions.

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