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3030 Travis St Houston, TX 77006


Instructors at YogaOne Studios tout training in disciplines that range from gentle hatha yoga to fast-flowing vinyasa yoga, weaving together poses from these disciplines in 60- and 90-minute hot-yoga classes for students of all levels. During the active flow class, instructors draw techniques from Baptiste Yoga, Forrest Yoga, and other vinyasa traditions, leading students from one posture to the next in a continuous flow. Alternatively, during the yoga-for-athletes sessions, instructors lead students through slow-paced poses that emphasize deep stretches, full breaths, and realistic sloth impersonations. In an effort to deepen practitioners’ relaxation, flexibility, and detoxification, they heat their practice rooms to between 80 and 105 degrees. Following these sweat-inducing sessions, students can enjoy access to multiple showers, changing rooms, and purified water.

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