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    Up to 78% Off Salt-Cave Sessions
    Multiple Locations
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    55% Off at Butterfly Kisses Massage Therapy
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    Up to 61% Off Kid’s Spa Packages
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    Up to 68% Off at Rock Creek Medi Spa
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    Up to 70% Off Body Wraps and Sauna Treatments
    North Central Westminster
    $200 $69 4.5 miles
308 Empire Rd. Lafayette, CO 80026


When diet and exercise prove no match for out-of-control curves, Dr. Greg Denzel and his staff want you to know you still have options. Across two locations, including the pristine and cottage-like Windsor office and a Lafayette office, the staff streamlines silhouettes with varying degrees of invasiveness, from hormone-replacement therapy to SmartLipo to SuperSculpt. They also beautify mugs with dermal fillers, and usher in relaxation with massage therapy and the whooshing sound of knotted kinks fleeing the scene.

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