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    45% Off Pub Food and Brunch at Around the Corner
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    45% Off at Michael's Family Restaurant
    Rocky River
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    Half Off Steak-House Cuisine at SB Eighty One
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14809 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH 44107


Owner and chef Matt founded the The Souper Market to brew up original soup and salad concoctions from preservative- and additive-free ingredients. Chicken andoullie sausage mingles with shrimp and its poultry namesake within hearty scoops of jambalaya ($3.75–$7, or $13.75 for 32 oz.), and the roasted ratatouille’s vegetable medley sets tongues to merrily dancing ($3.25–$5.50, or $10.50 for 32 oz.). Guests can gussy up the blue greens salad ($5.25) with a less tasty Bedazzling gun or a more delicious blue cheese dressing made by hand in-house, which, along with other dressings and vinaigrettes, is available for purchase by the pint ($5).

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