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The auto exalters at Wax On Wax Off gussy up crust-encrusted cars with a lustrous spread of on-location detailing services. The comprehensive Works package kicks off with a full-service cleanse that employs potent power washers to purge the dregs of yesteryear from exteriors, underbodies, and marble-bust hood ornaments of Vin Diesel. An expert application of Rain-X repels overly clingy raindrops, and a coat of Armor All ably plucks the lack from each tire's natural luster. A complimentary air freshener drapes its nose-fetching fragrance across an Armor All-coated interior, and a thorough scrubbing of inner windows ensures drivers can clearly spot dive-bombing pigeons. Whether customers are at home, at work, or about town, Wax On Wax Off's highly trained staff can sling soap on-location in each customer's driveway, lawn, or abandoned airplane hangar.

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