Fairytales and Tutus

7071 W Craig Rd Las Vegas, NV 89129


Youngsters dressed in slippers, tights, and tulle prance across Fairytales & Tutus' shiny studio floor during Fairytale Ballet classes, wherein costumes, tales, and dance instruction combine to treat tots to interactive storybook adventures. Instructors kick off classes by teaching basic ballet positions, traveling steps, and terminology to students before transitioning into story time. As the fairytale unfurls, the young dancers act out the plotline using the techniques they just learned. Scarves, magic wands, and other fanciful props add extra flavor to the 45-minute-long imaginative stews. Classes are split by age group into fairies (3–4) and princesses (4–6), meeting once a week. View the schedule for class times here.

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