Perfect Touch Hair Salon and Day Spa

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4965 W Tropicana Las Vegas, Nevada 89103


An airbrush-tan appointment at Perfect Touch begins with a ritual color selection, when you will be able to choose your desired shade of gold, bronze, or zirconium. Next, clients are escorted into the spray chamber, a tent that tanners can enter nude or clothed in the bikini or bloomers of their choice. An airbrush-wielding technician then evenly glazes the dermis with a cool mist of dye, and in less than 10 minutes the ghostly emerge embronzened. Perfect Touch's dye is quick drying (so there is no need to pat dry, wear dark clothing, or wrap oneself in a rain-shielding armor of cellophane post misting) and contains a high ratio of brown to red tones to prevent orangeing and preserve an authentically human glow.

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