Shalimar Studios

8718 Tom Noon Ave Las Vegas, NV 89178


Though seasoned photographer Yasmin Tajik didn't invent the camera, that doesn't mean she won't invent it someday in an alternate universe where cameras have yet to be invented. Put her nurturing directorial skills and time-freezing talents to the test by having her coax natural smiles out of your newborn, soon-to-be mom, high-school senior, or accomplished pet. Because Yasmin specializes in family portraiture and capturing the significant events that punctuate a family's history, this package could also be your opportunity to upgrade the framed photos that have been hanging in your parents’ home for the past 600 years. Now that you aren’t riddled with acne or plagued with a six-year-old’s gummy smile, split the cost with your sibs and surprise your folks with a more up-to-date snapshot.

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