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7445 S Durango Dr Las Vegas, NV 89113


A collection of romantic, bohemian apparel permeates With Amelie's open, gallery-like space with wisps of silk and glittery pieces of handmade jewelry. The shop carries very few of each unique piece and continually updates its shelves with biweekly inventory additions, creating a constant flow of new items that ensure patrons never face the embarrassment of entering a wedding wearing the same dress as the bride. Unsheathe sun-kissed shoulders with a billowy, asymmetrical lavender top or a strapless A-line dress that swaddles curves in a dusty-rose floral motif ($24.50–$29.70 for dresses and tops). Distinctive, handmade necklaces ($12–$40) feature delicate origami or stamped metal pendants to liven up unadorned outfits and reassure anxious throats with very gentle hugs.

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