Photography by Ann Marie

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3855 Lochdale Terrace Lexington, KY 40514


Since opening her graphic-design studio in 2011, photographer Ann Marie Nipp has been using her Cannon DSLR to capture casual compositions unrestrained by formal convention, focusing instead on the easy smiles that result from her patient, ebullient personality. Her portfolio of work reveals joyous newlyweds, confident professionals, and relaxed families, but gives special celebration to children, who beam exuberantly as they play in front of her lens. Though occasionally contracted for work in the fourth-dimension, Nipp primarily shoots on-location throughout Lexington, carrying her portable studio to places that hold special meaning to her clients. Her eye for design works in tandem with her passion for photography, allowing her to easily edit photos and turn them into everything from business logos and fliers to greeting cards of her own creation.

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