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Each year, TMC Cleaning's bonded and insured technicians don't stop scrubbing windows until their water freezes. They report to residential and commercial jobs in temperatures down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and continue wielding their squeegees in light rain. Even after they leave, they don't concede their work to the elements—a 14-day rain guarantee gives customers free or discounted touchups if Mother Nature’s tears sully their windows within two weeks of their service.

This persistent cleaning crew has scoured both houses and hotels, including the Radisson and Isla Grand Beach Resort. Regardless of the vertical ground they have to scale, they respect the environment by using biodegradable, ammonia-free soap. To keep windows clear and free of ghost fingerprints, custom appointments take place on a one-time or regular basis and can suit individual houses with additional deep-cleaning, screen-cleaning, and stain-removal treatments.