Bow Mar Pizza Co.

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5194 S Lowell Blvd Littleton, CO 80123


Hand-tossed pizza was once as common as bowler hats and retirement benefits. The pies on Bow Mar's menu resurrect this lost American tradition with sauce and dough made in house and a taste as fresh as a brand-new set of bocce balls. Get three to ten toppings on a full-fledged pizza for $9.99, or stick to cheese for $6.99 (cheese sticks are $3.99–$4.99). A meat-feast specialty pie ($9.99) comes with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, and meatballs. If one is your loneliest number, personal pizzas provide ample company ($3.49–$4.49). For more-three-dimensional sustenance, try 10 hot-'n'-spicy or honey-barbecue wings ($6.99), an 8-inch Italian beef or meatball sub ($5.99), or a large garden salad ($3.99).

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