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9126 W Bowles Ave Littleton, CO 80123


Originally built to paint racing stripes on zeppelins, the 4,200-square-foot studio is ample room for any desired form of expression. When you enter the spacious imagination conservatory, the friendly staff will guide you through the studio's selection of moldable and colorful materials. The mess-friendly studio lets artists frolic in their natural habitats of tie-dye, pottery, and clay, with a helpful staff at the ready to take care of the artistic aftermath. Play around with squishy yet sophisticated clay molding or form pottery with no extra kiln fees. Future starving artists can practice storing origami fruit in one of many hand-painted boxes or build a mosaic-tile portrait of the unflappable Mr. Peanut. Pottery, clay, wood, and tie-dying prices start at around $8 per project, while mosaic and stepping stones start at $15, which includes all necessary materials and instruction. My Art Workshop does not charge an hourly fee for time spent at the shop, so you're free to concentrate on your clay sculpture of Burton Gilliam for as long as you'd like. The creativity emporium also offers craft-party packages.

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