Chano's Drive Inn

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3850 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90037


After adding a second location, the Mexican food mainstay has kept its commitment to freshness; the drive-in eatery shuns the usage of heat lamps, fiery imp breath, or microwaves in its food preparation. All dishes are prepared fresh daily using local ingredients, even the beans which are made fresh and refried with vegetarian, trans-fat free oil. Chano's offers a wide variety of burritos, from a chorizo-stuffed food pod ($4.61) to a veggie cheese and bean ($2.83). You'll also find tacos ($1.59 to $1.75) and taco salads ($4.79), along with combination platters and a la carte entrees, such as quesadillas (from $2.87) and taquitos ($2.56). The breakfast menu is served every day, so you can get your Machaca burrito ($4.45) fix anytime before 11 a.m. and swig it with a large horchata ($2.24).

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