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1555 Vine St Los Angeles, CA 90028


The Farmer’s Kitchen is a rare breed of eatery on this side of town. Tucked away near the Los Angeles Film School, this compact lunch-only restaurant is a unique cross between educational training facility, health-conscious lunch spot and outlet for the weekly Hollywood Farmer’s Market. With occasional chef residencies and ever-changing menus that lean toward down-home fare, the Farmer’s Kitchen connects locals with the weekly market that sets up just outside their door – it’s where the kitchen gets all of their produce from, and growers can sell their goods directly to the public through the sunny storefront. Some growers even offer occasional cooking classes inside the modern, sleek space. With both indoor and outdoor tables and a simple order-from-the-counter vibe, the Farmer’s Kitchen is an approachable way for locals and nearby workers to understand the bounty of the weekend Hollywood Farmer’s Market, all week long.

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