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Trainer Griffin White understands how easy it is to slip into a lethargic lifestyle. As a child, he slowly replaced sports and physical activity with a steady diet of junk food. Eventually, when hefting the extra weight he had gained grew tiresome, Griffin enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine and whipped his body back into shape. Today at Mind Muscle Fitness, Griffin liberates clients from superfluous pounds using kettlebells. Exercisers swing the bulbous weights through arcs that power up multiple muscles at once, much like river dancing while directing traffic.

Griffin's kettlebell boot-camp classes, set to pulsing music, enlist this unique range of motion to tone and limber up bodies as up to 25 attendees blast through cardio and strength-building routines. He switches up workouts each class, keeping both minds and muscles engaged to speed up results more safely than outfitting a treadmill with hyperdrive. Appropriate for all skill levels, the boot camps include individual attention from Griffin, as do his personal-training sessions.

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