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10061 Riverside Dr Toluca Lake, CA 91602


The offspring of UPS and Mail Boxes Etc., The UPS Store packs and ships parcels at more than 4,700 locations throughout North America. The shop handles objects of various shapes and sizes, from tiny ceramic dog bowls to giant bronze busts of Lassie, swaddling them in sturdy cardboard boxes ($3.95 for a 12"x"12"x12" box), cushy packing peanuts ($2.50/cubic ft.), and squishy bubble wrap (50 cents/ft.). Thanks to the shop's dozens of delivery options, parcels can zoom to their destinations via next-day air or announce their arrival courtesy of certified mail, and customers can estimate shipping prices for all these methods with a handy online calculator. Aided by UPS tracking technology, shipping experts route boxes to domestic and international addresses. A pack-and-ship promise protects each item packed at the shop and shipped via UPS, ensuring patrons they’ll be reimbursed if their parcels are lost, damaged, or eaten by polar bears.

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