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from hom Louisville, KY 40202


Pam Graham's devotion to horses spans more than 30 years, of which she spent more than a decade as a full-time groomer for some of the nation's premier trainers. Leveraging her experience in breeding and foaling, Pam keeps horses in good health and fine spirits by caring for them in the familiar confines of their home stables. In addition to caring for the horses of other owners, she's lovingly maintained her herd for more than 20 human years, which translates to about 4 horse years or one one-thousandth of a horsefly year.

For grooming—a skill that Pam teaches on the side at her own clinics—she wields curry, mitt, and rake brushes, each of which contains bristles of a varied thickness to thoroughly soften and shine coats. And when she horse sits, Pam leaves her beauty kit at home and makes one or two visits each day to replenish food and water, deliver supplements, and perform a visual once-over before reporting to owners via phone or email.

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