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    Up to 60% Off Carpet Cleaning
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    51% Off Power Washing for Deck or Driveway
    Redeem from Home
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    Up to 51% Off Carpet and Tile Cleaning
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    $200 $99 4.0 miles
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    Up to 56% Off Housecleaning Services
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    $270 $129 4.4 miles
8434 Island Pines Place Maineville, OH 45039


Busy Bee Cleaning Company's fully insured and uniformed dust-busting brigade relies on recycled elbow grease to safely spruce up homes and offices. Upon arriving at the dingy domicile in question, two professionally trained and trustworthy mop whisperers meticulously attend to every soiled surface, wiping down grimy counters, polishing streaky windows, and steadfastly scouring Jello stains from the bathtub. The duo of dirt decimators diligently employs products culled from each home's own cleaning closet to leave rooms smelling like the owner's favorite brand of furniture polish. Or customers can opt to have the clean team tote its own environmentally friendly cleaning products (a $10 charge, not covered by the Groupon), which banish dust bunnies without leaving behind toxins, creating a safe atmosphere for children, animals, or animals dressed as children.

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