Cincinnati Flower Show

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11600 North Lebanon Road Loveland, OH 45140


Acclaimed as "the king of all flower shows" by Better Homes and Gardens, the Cincinnati Flower Show continues to wear the nectar-scented crown, wield the pistil-and-petal scepter, and rule with an iron stamen during its 21st-anniversary event. This year's bash of buds, blossoms, and bee bars features many exhibits and gardens highlighting floral feats. The Grand Marquee pavilion houses dozens of gardens and plant collections arranged into intricate designs, patterns, and structures, with special focus given to single-genus exhibits showing variety among specific types of plants, such as lilies or the recently rediscovered Ledzeppelinus Frontmanus. The Creative Containers and the Window Box Gardens exhibits highlight creative pots and planters, while the Artists' Studio shows off the work of oleander O'Keefes and rose Rembrandts. Floral exhibits include ornate table centerpieces and works by professional floral designers. More than 60 petal-peddlers will also be on hand at the Cincinnati Flower Show for those looking to get their green to go.

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