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59 Franklin Street New York, NY 10013


Though Michiyo Fukushima was a successful photographer in her native Japan, she felt that something in her art form was lacking. It wasn't until she moved to New York City and discovered watercolor that she found the medium where she could fully express herself, transferring the interplay of light and shadow she knew well from photography onto her canvases.

In classes, Michiyo and her associates give students a taste of the techniques behind the luminous washes and precise shapes of her nearly photorealistic work, which finds her captivated by humble fire escapes and ethereal stone cherubs alike. Ranked among the "5 Best Casual Art Classes in New York City" by CBS New York, Fukushima's lessons in watercolor and drawing are designed for artists of all levels, from casual hobbyists to those who dream of having their work displayed on the Louvre's fridge. In addition to sessions held in a cozy red-brick building, she also teaches at the New York Academy of Art.

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