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All About Yoga’s resident teacher Gabrielle Louise found that a heightened state of well-being, enhanced by yoga and meditation, brought her above the physical pain she experienced on a daily basis. Since then, she's practiced what's known as StressAce yoga, a modality whose movements and breath are patterned to trigger reflex responses not unlike those from childhood. These responses are what help the body and mind release deep stress and may result in sudden, unprovoked moments of joy, increased mental clarity and awareness, and an overall sense of balance, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The classes at Gabrielle's studio range from three yoga modalities to kriya meditation. She guides students through a variety of yoga poses and, in the process, shows them yoga's many benefits, including deep relaxation, boosted flexibility, increased body awareness, and increased overall physical wellness. In addition, she also taps into other Eastern arts, restoring balance and boosting memory with meditation, increasing peace of mind with gentle movements, and activating dormant happiness energies with focused poses.