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2287 Young Ave Memphis, TN 38104


Memphis's premier body-art studio and its resident Piercinator, Eva Brewer, can equip any body with jewelry that's virtually impossible to steal on crowded trains. Make naval gazing far more rewarding with a bellylicious piercing ($45) or imply a punky Spockepticism with an eyebrow blingabator ($40 for one). If you've always wanted a beauty mark, solidify your appearance at Cindy Crawford–look-alike contests with a sparkling Monroe piercing ($50). Usurp the elasticity of corporate Silly Putty with an earlobe stretching ($10) or make all your public speeches silver-tongued with a tongue studding ($60). Once pierced, this Groupon treats you to aftercare, which includes written instructions on how to take care of your new bling, special mouthwash for oral piercings, and a bottle of gentle soap to cleanse new piercings regardless of corporeal location.

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