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    45% Off
    Sans Souci Estates
    $130 $72 3.0 miles
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    50% Off at Bass Lessons Miami
    Biscayne Park
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    Up to Half Off Drum Lessons at Drummer Paradise
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    Up to 56% Off Guitar Lessons from The Rig Cast Band
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    50% Off Language Courses
    City Center
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    Up to 78% Off Music Lessons
    North Miami
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    50% Off Salsa-Dance Classes
    City Center
    $20 $10 4.7 miles
7144 Byron Ave Miami Beach, FL 33141


"Every garden begins with a seed, and every seed needs a dedicated gardener for optimal growth." This concept poetically sums up the idea behind Playing the Game of Life, a community center that brims with a bevy of preschool, after-school, and adult programs led by motivating teachers. Under their tutelage, younger students combat obstacles such as stress, bullying, and obesity while flourishing in an arts-based education. Through classes such as jewelry making, nutritional education, speech therapy, and ballet, participants learn to build social skills, increase their confidence, and communicate feelings more effectively than stealing someone else's journal and passing it off as their own. Playing the Game of Life also hosts cognitive-therapy classes to aid older pupils suffering from memory loss.

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