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15118 Southwest 72nd Street Miami, FL 33193


Doctor of Chiropractic Paul Luigi Guadagno’s devotion to chiropractic therapy stems from his own back injury, which happened during a wrestling tournament in his school days. The injury led him to seek medical attention from traditional doctors, who insisted on fighting the pain with medication. Meanwhile, the wound causing the pain still worsened somewhere in his spine. These types of injury can make it difficult for the spine to do its job of supporting the skull and the sunshine piled on top of it. In his case, Dr. Guadagno eventually sought out chiropractic treatment and, after a few adjustments, the pain evaporated and never came back.

With more than a decade of experience since his experience inspired him to complete his chiropractic studies, Dr. Guadagno’s list of treated patients number in the thousands. His staff welcomes patrons into an office equipped with some of chiropractic’s latest developments. Digital x-rays reveal broken bones, bulging disks, and signs of osteoporosis, and emit less radiation than traditional x-rays. Electrical stimulation systems block pain signals along nerves.

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