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    Up to 62% Off Body Wraps at Patricia's Skin Care
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    45% Off Beauty Packages
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3883 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33137


Dr. Alexis Bergan-Guzman believes that alternative medicine can treat health issues ranging from basic stress to terminal illnesses. Her diverse background, including a master's in medical science and certifications in massage therapy and holistic bodywork, guide her staff in performing a range of health and wellness treatments. Chiropractic adjustments return joints throughout the body to their full range of movement so that heads can once again rotate 360 degrees. Massage modalities range from reflexology and hot-stone massage to the energy work of reiki. Acupuncturists insert slender needles 1/5 the width of standard medical needles into specific points across the body to relax and stimulate physical systems. Nutritional counselors help clients customize diet plans or interpret recurring dreams of asparagus.

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