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    Up to 60% Off Facial Rejuvenation Treatment with Plasma
    $450 $179 0.6 miles
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    Up to 82% Off Laser Hair Removal
    Multiple Locations
    $479.94 $99 1.0 miles
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    75% Off Weight Loss Plans
    University Park
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    71% Off Unlimited Upright Tanning
    International Gardens
    $69 $20 1.3 miles
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    Up to 83% Off Anti-Aging Facials
    Southern Estates
    $85 $24 1.4 miles
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    Half Off Deluxe Mani-Pedi
    $40 $20 1.4 miles
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    Up to 86% Off Radio Frequency Face-Lift Treatments
    $330 $69 1.5 miles
Mobile Miami, FL 33165


Roseli started out as a freelancer and continues in her wandering ways by visiting her clients on location. As a licensed makeup artist, her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, and music videos. Roseli's penchant for big, smoky eyes adapts well to celebrations ranging from proms to weddings. She also dabbles in special-effects makeup, such as gruesome wounds that make people look like zombies and artistic face paint that makes zombies look like people. When Roseli isn't busy transforming her clients using products by MAC and Sephora, she instructs individuals on how to make cosmetics work for them during lessons that cover skincare recommendations, facial contouring, and application of false lashes.

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