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    Up to 54% Off Boot Camp at Q4 Fitness Miami
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    55% Off Services
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    55% Off Personal Training
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    Up to 52% Off Pose Running Technique Workouts
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    Up to 85% Off at Elite U
    Coconut Grove
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    Up to 87% Off Classes at Oceanfront Fitness LLC
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 56% Off at Bikram Hot Yoga Miami
    Multiple Locations
    $39 $23 1.2 miles
3485 Main Highway Miami, FL 33133


Busting out of the cramped, sweaty confines of a typical gymnasium, Rock N Body Wellness' aerobic action heroes break through all four walls to deliver personalized small-group fitness classes. Each course is held in a luscious, verdant venue, avoiding the emotionally clingy dumbbells and catcalls from leering light fixtures associated with indoor exercise. Find fresh air with handfuls of fellow fitness followers during Mind Over Muscles, a 60-minute session calibrated to perk up paunches and bring biceps back from the brink. Combining strength-centric toning and agility workouts with endurance-building cardio training, Mind Over Muscles courses pepper protoplasm with exercises designed to aid overall wellness or help prepare for summer jobs as a flagpole sitter.

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