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2228 Northeast 123rd Street Miami, FL 33161


Synergy Yoga holds small gatherings of passionate yogis as they stretch and build muscles in 1 of the 50 classes offered each week. Various styles of yoga, including traditional Hatha flow, focus on deep breathing, and more rigorous classes, such as hot core Vinyasa or hot power yoga, combine the sweat-inducing powers of a heated studio with moves that can makes tummies tighter than an elf's shoes on a pro basketball player.

A wrought-iron gate opens into an alley wall lined with bright verdant foliage and skinny trees. This greenery snakes onto a stone path, which leads to Synergy Yoga’s curved red doors. The first thing that hits visitors inside the yoga sanctuary is the color: mustard-yellow and two-tone green walls, red accents up the stairs, and crisp white moulding. The main studio swims with light filtered in from high windows set in the towering two-story ceilings, light that bounces off the white walls and cascades down to the wood flooring.

Focused on supporting the community, Synergy Yoga aims to include all walks of life. Kids' yoga invites youngsters to develop their flexibility, and very advanced yogis can turn their passion into a living with teacher training. Healing arts such as psychic medium reading, meditation, or massage soothe guests in need of some extra care.

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