Colicchio and Sons

1 85 10th Avenue New York, NY 10011


If getting a table at Colicchio & Sons seems difficult, blame the New York Times, Serious Eats, Food and Wine Magazine, and the other press outlets that have heaped praise on the James Beard award-winning restaurant. Luckily, the staff responded to this enviable crisis by opening their new tap room, a laid-back sister to the fine-dining restaurant to which it’s attached. Though it styles itself as a tap room, the bar features both gourmet drinks and dishes, allowing clients to pair brews such as Evil Twin’s Freudian slip with eats such as mushroom and taleggio pizza topped with shaved black truffle. The bar also designs beer flights around themes such as “New York State of Mind,” which explores what people drink to get Billy Joel songs out of their heads.

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