Lina Frey

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201 E Houston St New York, NY 10002


Beneath the cascades of light that pour through a central skylight, Lina Frey's wait staff scampers past a stone bar with steaks, seafood, and crepes. Intriguing aromas draw eyes toward the kitchen, where chefs harness the recipes that serve as a tribute to Lina Frey, a French native and the grandmother of co-owner Patrice Bihina. Sauces infused with peppercorns or reduced from port wine drape across plates on a sunny enclosed terrace that brings modern comfort to natural beauty like a butterfly's track suit. Amidst expanses of polished hardwood and vintage-inspired wooden tables, diners customize the shop's crepes, which The New Yorker noted formed a "satisfying supper when paired with the lemony sautéed spinach and a cold glass of French rosé." Glasses laden with wines and cocktails rise to toasts at the full bar with the gentle clinking sound of a lazy pianist.

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