Sweet Praise

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4996 Broadway New York, NY 10034


Sweet Praise Bistro’s resident chefs harness handfuls of organic ingredients to conjure an internationally inclined menu, infusing classic American dishes with Caribbean flavors. Starters of smoked-salmon potatoes rev appetites' engines as the dish’s namesake components and a dollop of lemon-yogurt sauce mingle like social butterflies at a condiment convention. Guests can munch on mac 'n' cheese, whose triumvirate of pecorino romano, parmigiano, and fontina cheeses arrive with an entourage of shrimp and white-truffle oil. Chicken kebabs splay out a bed of rice pilaf nestled beneath a blanket of sweet chili sauce, which combines heat and sugar without the danger of dipping Oreos in a glass of lava. Sumptuous desserts cling to spoons for carriage into mouths, where they launch sneak attacks on unsuspecting sweet teeth.

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