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    45% Off Sports Memorabilia, Decor, and Games
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1905 Colonial Ave Norfolk, VA 23517


As one of the area's only comic-book and graphic-novel stores, Local Heroes helps transport wide-eyed readers to a world where the pants-less parading of Halloween occurs every day. A friendly and knowledgeable staff of superpower scholars assists visitors in unearthing intriguing issues and answers questions about proper cape maintenance. A wide variety of options are available in the kids and young readers section, helping make reading fun for youths and providing role models that aren’t pirates or monster trucks. Mounds of new releases ranging from $3 to $4 and graphic novels starting at $15 are within reach, showcasing striking illustrations and gripping plot lines unmatched by amateur attempts at providing proof in traffic court. In addition to a stunning array of reading material for kids and adults, Local Heroes offers a welcoming atmosphere decorated with vibrant comic art, cushy lounge seats, and a kryptonite coffee table.

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