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4305 Harrison Blvd Ogden, UT 84403


The local branch of a national establishment, Pita Pit Ogden charms patrons’ palates with a menu of 26 stuffed pita sandwiches built for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lead mandibles through morning exercises with the Meat the Day pita ($3.99), a protein-heavy blend of scrambled eggs, bacon, black-forest ham, cheddar cheese, and grilled veggies. Or wake up early to catch the Morning Glory pita’s colorful combination of eggs, avocado, tomato, green peppers, onions, and hash browns before it seals itself closed with the passing sun. Lunch and dinner lead eaters down divergent paths on the culinary map, veering taste buds toward classic Mediterranean tastes such as chicken souvaki and falafel-packed pitas ($6.49 each) or innovative combinations such as the three-meat dagwood ($6.49), loaded with turkey, black-forest ham, and juicy prime rib. A chopped spicy-black-bean patty offers a tasteful twist on a typical veggie burger ($6.49), and a pita packed with creamy feta provides a tasteful twist to a typical grilled cheese or a pants pocket filled with melted-blue-cheese crumbles.

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