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    Up to 70% Off at Salt Room Millenia
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    82% Off a Massage and Pain Consultation
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    Up to 54% Off 50-Minute Massages at Downtown Sports Massage
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    Up to 75% Off at Orlando LipoFast 
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    Up to 78% Off Microdermabrasion Treatments
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4680 Millenia Plaza Way Orlando, FL 32839
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Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Jorge Gonzalez, MD, Elase Medical Spas' team rejuvenates clients with medical-grade laser procedures, skin treatments, and cosmetic injectables. As an academy for laser technicians, Elase unleashes an arsenal of advanced laser equipment upon a host of epidermal conditions. Sagging visages spring back to a more youthful state after laser skin tightening with a Candela ND:YAG laser, which helps rebuild the collagen and elastin scaffolding that keeps skin supple and plump, and supports the body's crew of construction guys. Laser hair removal eradicates unwanted strands, VelaShape helps firm up physiques with radio-frequency energy, and vein therapy reduces the appearance of veins on the face and legs.

Elase also offers treatments that tackle problem areas without a light show, such as cosmetic injectables—including Botox, Radiesse, and Restylane—which relax or plump up wrinkled areas. Alternatively, medical facials swathe skin in clinical-grade salves selected according to each skin's type and astrological sign.

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