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    Up to 81% Off at SiliconValleyFit
    Palo Alto
    $200 $39 0.0 miles
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    Up to 57% Off Piano or Guitar Lessons
    Multiple Locations
    $70 $32 0.1 miles
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    75% Off Lipotropic B6 and B12 Injections
    Palo Alto
    $310 $79 0.1 miles
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    Up to 51% Off Vaganova Ballet Classes
    Palo Alto
    $70 $35 0.3 miles
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    Up to 57% Off Facial with Microdermabrasion
    Palo Alto
    $100 $49 1.0 miles
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    Up to 58% Off Haircut and Color Packages
    Mountain View
    $50 $25 1.0 miles
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    49% Off at La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill
    Multiple Locations
    $10.08 $5.20
744 San Antonio Rd. Palo Alto, CA 94040


Bodies metamorphose at SiliconValleyFit, where dedicated coaches customize holistic health routines. One-hour training sessions focus on posture, sports performance, or weight loss, among other benefits, each tailored to clients’ specific goals. Trainers draw up individualized supplement and diet plans based on unique biological signatures as outlined by the BioSignature plan, which operates on the idea that hormones determine body-fat storage. By taking a look at lifestyles and medical history, trainers can rectify imbalances with a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.

The company’s trainers boast a cornucopia of stellar qualifications. A cursory look at the wall shows certifications in strength and conditioning, a membership in the American Council on Exercise, and support for dangling kittens and their efforts to just hang in there. Free weights, a treadmill, and weight machines fill the facility, where no more than three students work out at a time, ensuring crate-loads of personal attention and privacy.