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130 E Government St Pensacola, FL 32502


Led by phantasm fanatic Pattie Krakowski, Pensacola introduces audiences to the Seville Quarter’s eerie history with stories gathered from employees past and present. Tour-goers assuage moaning stomachs with an optional snack at the Quarter's Palace Café (available for an additional fee), after which their costumed guide materializes to lead them through the haunted habitations of the Seville Quarter, even those normally closed to the living public. In each room, Krakowski will share chilling tales told directly to her by both former and current building employees and a tattling Haley Joel Osment. Attendees can fill brain caves with facts about the quarter’s architecture and antique furnishings while keeping eyes peeled for occasional unexplained phenomena, such as alley cats that can succinctly explain current tax regulations.