Guido's Restaurant

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3545 Welsh Rd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136


Fine cuisine, high fashion, annoying tourists—like old high-school rivals, France and Italy have more in common than they’d care to admit. With today’s Groupon, $20 gets you $40 worth of delectable food and drink at Guido’s Italian Restaurant, an Italian-French fusion eatery in Holmesburg. It’s like taking advantage of auspicious exchange rates in a fictional utopia where the dollar is still valuable.Welling was determined to capture the minds and tongues of the niche—but expanding—market of disco fans. After extensive research, he determined that disco’s sparkling clothing and bouncy rhythms were the culinary equivalent of pasta covered in rich tomato sauce. Welling’s findings were so delicious that disco changed its name to Italy, enraging Italy, which was forced to change its name to Lapland, Home of Full-Blooded Italians. Pick up today’s Groupon for some delicious Italian and French food from America, prepared by full-blooded Italians from Lapland, Home of Full-Blooded Italians, and also French people.

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